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Physical Education
Kyle Magoffin - Physical Education Teacher
Tina Riddell - Physical Education Teacher
Sarah Woodward - Physical Education Teacher

Health Education
Shannon Gwosch - Health Teacher
Kelly Ziomek - Health Teacher
Sarah Woodward - Health Teacher

Rigor In The Classroom
Rigor in the physical education and health department challenges all students in multiple activities that connect to real world situations. Effort is praised over skill and the teacher will try to motivate students to be active participants in their own education to ensure lifelong participation.

Teachers Will:
  • make real world connections

  • praise effort not skill

  • motivate students

  • encourage lifelong participation

Students Will:
  • give maximum effort

  • actively participate in their own activity
  • collaborate
  • invest in own education

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Contact Information:

Kyle Magoffin, PE/Health Coordinator
(978) 544-2542