Faculty & Staff

Please note: the links below are to the teachers webpages. Their e-mail addresses are first initial last name@rcmahar.org except for Pamela (pasmith) & Pennie Smith (pjsmith).

Aiken, Aaryn–Special Education Paraprofessional
Alden, Janice—Cafeteria
Aldrich, Denise–Special Education Paraprofessional
Bailey, Christopher—Middle School English Teacher
Barnes, Steven—High School History Bridges Student Teacher
Bashaw, Ian—ELA Tiered RTI Specialist
Bass, Ashlee—Title I Paraprofessional
Bates, Thomas—Director of Facilities
Beauchesne, Ashley—Head Cook
Bein, Kristin—Middle School English Teacher
Belanger, Nina—Art teacher
Berry, Dennis—Network Technician/Integration Technology Specialist
Bevan, Keith—Middle School Science Teacher
Billings, Marleen—Special Education Secretary
Bjorn, Erik— High School English Teacher
Bonk, Stephen—Special Education Paraprofessional
Brunelle, Christopher—Middle School Math Teacher
Bunker, Gary—Director of Technology
Burgess, Denise—Special Education Paraprofessional
Cain, Lynn—Special Education Teacher
Chaplin, Laurie—-Cafeteria
Choe, William—Music Teacher
Church, Mori—ILC High School
Cole, Marie—Curriculum Coordinator
Cote, Angela–Technology Teacher
Coy, Krista—Cafeteria
Crossman, Danielle–Middle School Math Teacher
Croteau, Anthony—Senior Night Custodian
Curtis, William—High School Social Science Teacher
D’Allessandro, Gina—Title I English Teacher
Dame, Barbara—High School Math Teacher
Daniels, Mariel—Art Teacher
Dettorre, Michael—High School Math Teacher
Dion, Eric—Middle School Dean of Students
Dillenback, Jacki—Director of Food and Nutrition Services
Dowler, Dereck—Business, Math Teacher
Duguay, Gerald—Success Center Paraprofessional
Elliott, Victoria—Middle School Adjustment Counselor
Emond, Barbara—Title I Paraprofessional
Flood, Victoria—Special Education Teacher
Frattaroli, Chris—Middle School Science Teacher
Ganson, Linda—Arts and Music Coordinator and Teacher of arts
Gilmore, Sharon—Middle School Special Ed Teacher
Gonciarz, Evelyn—High School Science Teacher
Goodrum, Kathleen—Title I English Teacher
Gordon, Lillian—World Language Teacher
Guertin, Daniel—High School Science Teacher
Gwosch, Shannon–Health Teacher
Hammond, Karrie—Admin Assistant
Hartshorn, Allison—Middle School Science Teacher
Haynes, Daniel—Director of Finance & Operations
Hemlin, Scott— High School Dean of Students
Holye, Cheri–Guidance Counselor
Hunter-Marshall, Tammy—Middle School Math Teacher
Jillson, Susan—Nurse
Johnson, Ruth—Night Custodian
Kelley, John—Technology & Engineering Education Teacher
Kirouac, Daniel—Middle School Social Science Teacher
LaCroix, Robin—Admin Assistant to the Principal
Lawless, Margaret—Math Tiered RTI Specialist
LeBlanc, Thomas—High School Physical Science Teacher
Levasseur, Veronica—Admin Assistant
MacLeod, Beverly–High School Math Teacher
Magee, Michael—High School Social Science Teacher
Magoffin, Kyle—Physical Education and Health Teacher
Malo, Nicholas—Library/Detention Paraprofessional
Marshall, Tammy—Middle School Math Teacher
Masteika, Joseph—Part-Time Network Technician
McKenna, Caitlin—Guidance Counselor
McMurray, Kelley—ELL/English Teacher
Merritt, Joseph—Day Custodian
Messing, David—Consolidated Team Chair
Messing, Melissa—Middle School Social Science Teacher
Miller, Helen–Art Teacher
Mitchell, Elaine—Admin Assistant
Moody, Leslie—High School Special Education Teacher
Mousseau, Stacey—Assistant to Director of Finance and Operations
Murray, Donald—Night Custodian Supervisor
Ninteau, Jill—High School Math Teacher
Normandin, Carole— Business Teacher
Paradis, Beatrice—Admin Assistant
Parsons, Matthew—High School Social Science Coordinator
Perham, Christine—High School Science Teacher
Phillips, Rebecca—Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Pruitt, Jessica—Spanish Teacher
Ramon, Mary—High School Adjustment Counselor
Randall, Thomas—Music, Chorus Teacher
Randolph, Donna—Cafeteria Cashier Part Time
Reid, Craig—Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Reilly, Claire—Middle School English Teacher
Riddell, Tina—Physical and Health Education Teacher
Roberts, Alyssa—HR/Benefits Specialist
Robinson, Paula—Reading, English Language Art Teacher, Grades 7-12
Rodriguez, Chrissy—Executive Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Schulze, Barbara—High School Science Teacher
Scotland, Greg—Physical Education Teacher
Scotland, Jennifer—Middle School Science Teacher
Shlager, Jessica—Physical Education Teacher
Smith, Pamela—High School English Teacher
Smith, Pennie—High School English Teacher
Speek, John—High School English Teacher
Squires, Caitlyn—High School English Teacher
Storm, Sarah—Guidance Counselor
Sullivan, Jessica–High School Mathematics Teacher
Sullivan, Travis—Guidance Counselor
Suzor, Adam—Part-Time Network Technician
Tabales, Ishmael–Principal
Taylor, Sydney—Groundskeeper
Thomas, Tari—Superintendent
Thorn, Karen—Library and Media Specialist
Tolpa, Sara—School Psychologist
Tresback, JoAnn—Student Information Manger
Vorce, Sandra—Middle School English Teacher
Warner, Brenda—Night Custodian
Warner, Wesley—Day Custodian
Weller, Mary Katherine—French Teacher
Willard, Karen—Middle School Math Teacher
Woodward, James—Athletic Director
Woodward, Sarah—Physical Education and Health Teacher
Ziomek, Kelly—Family Health Science Teacher