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Student Services is excited to announce our department's new initiative: The implementation of "NAVIANCE" at Mahar!

“Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for high school students that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals."  

In a nutshell, Naviance is a one-stop-shop website for students, teachers, and parents/guardians, with all kinds of features, to help students learn about themselves, organize career ideas for the future, connect with post-secondary education, and more!  Through Naviance, we will bring our curriculum for students, and communication with the school community, into the 21st century.  

Used to its fullest capabilities, Naviance truly has the power to change the communication culture within our school.  It will modernize the college application process for students, streamline our department’s paperwork/procedures, and get students excited about their education!

We will use Naviance with Freshmen to work on learning style inventories, Sophomores will experiment with career exploration tools, Juniors will do lots of post-secondary planning, and for Seniors, Naviance will become a very important tool in the college application process!

Through Naviance’s Family Connection page, parents/guardians have access to view and interact with the activities that their students are engaged in!  Parents/guardians - Please take a moment to check out your child’s Naviance profile and log back on several times each year to track his/her progress.

Student Services will be implementing Naviance (in stages) over the next few years.  Naviance will now serve as our department's new and main portal through which to communicate with students and families regarding our programming.  It will be very important that families keep our school up-to-date with accurate contact information, most importantly, an active email address!

Thank you in advance for your shared excitement and support for this new initiative.  We look forward connecting with you this year and to seeing students increasingly benefit from this website as we continue to become more comfortable with all that Naviance has to offer!