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Scheduling & Grading


Guidance Counselors in the Student Services Department at Mahar are responsible for scheduling students in courses from year to year.  Course selections play an important role in a student’s high school experience and have a direct effect on a student’s post-secondary opportunities.  It is the goal of our department to make sure that students, with the help of their parents/guardians, are making informed decisions when registering for classes.

During the spring of each year, Guidance Counselors host scheduling presentations for each grade during the school day. During this time, students learn about Mahar graduation requirements, credits and promotion, and courses available to them the next year and beyond.  Students are encouraged to choose courses based on their future goals and interests.  

Each student is given two copies of a “course selection sheet” and asked to identify courses they are interested in for the following school year.  After having time to discuss these selections in class and at home, students make a duplicate copy of their course selection sheet.  One copy is returned to the student’s Guidance Counselor for scheduling, the other, students take home for their records.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to look for these course selection sheets from their students each Spring and play an active role in assisting their children in selecting appropriate courses.  Parents/guardians can call the school at any time to discuss their child’s course selections with his/her guidance counselor.

Program of Studies

The Mahar Program of Studies is a document including course names and descriptions of each course being offered for the current and upcoming school year.  

Add/Drop Policy

Students wishing to add or drop a course from their schedule must follow the following procedure.  Students have the opportunity to sign up to add or drop a course within the first 5 days of each semester only.  Sign-up sheets are available in the Student Services office during those first 5 days of each semester and students are responsible for identifying their wishes during that time.  Guidance counselors have the first 10 days of each semester to meet one-on-one with students and make these changes.  All academic changes are done prior to elective changes.  Students are asked to be patient during this time as scheduling can be a tedious process and each schedule change is reviewed carefully in the best interest of each student.

Scheduling Night

In addition to in-class scheduling presentations, during the spring of each year, Guidance Counselors host a “Scheduling Night”.  This evening presentation is geared towards incoming 9th grade students who are learning about high school scheduling for the first time, however students and families from all grades are welcome to attend to learn about new course offerings or changes in policy.  The goal of this evening is to inform families about Mahar’s curriculum at the High School level and explain the ins and outs of graduation requirements, credits and promotion, and scheduling.  Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to attend this presentation, together with their children, and play an active role in learning how to apply Mahar’s scheduling opportunities to their unique student’s experience.

Power School

Power School is a web-based, online data system, used by Mahar for tracking student grades and attendance.  Parents/guardians and students have 24-hour access to this up-to-date information.  Students have the ability to track their progress in a course and through this website, parents/guardians can verify their student's progress, grades, and attendance status.  Mahar strongly encourages students and parents/guardians to check this information frequently and stay on top of course requirements.  At the beginning of each year, a letter is sent home to families including the link and login information for this website.  Please call the school if you need an extra copy of your logon credentials.