Update Regarding 7th Grade 1:1

posted Apr 3, 2015, 6:42 AM by Technology Department
Update regarding 1:1 7th grade:
  1. The 7th Grade students may take their Chromebooks home 04/10/15 for educational purposes  
    *after they (students & parent/guardian) read & 
    sign the attached document.*

  2. Please print out the documents below for the students to take home to their parent/guardian.

  3. Please note due to PARCC testing, they need to wait until April 10th when the first round of PARCC testing is completed for this year.

  4. Also, please note *they need to return their Chromebook for the second round of PARCC testing in May for ~2 weeks and then again before the summer recess.*

  5. RCM will provide a protective case to transport their Chromebook
7th Grade 1:1 Documents: