Websites Just For You!

Your friends don’t have to know you were checking out these super awesome websites that help you…are you ready for it…learn! But it might be more fun if you let them in on the secret. One more thing. If you find an awesome website, you have to let me know so I can put it on this page. … Completely unbiased information and news checking (That means you get the facts and only facts). …Perform searches similar to Google, but this search engine returns only reputable sites. …Link to Mahar Library research sites. …Credible research websites. Let me know what you think! …Helps you when writing a paper …Helps you when writing a paper …It’s important to learn the proper way to cite your sources. But since you learned that in English Class, this should expedite the citing process for you. , , , , , , …Just a few news websites. Where do you get your news? Lets get it up here for the largest, most dynamic collection of news sources possible.  …Your Textbook …Library of Congress …House of Representatives (They’re part of Congress) …Senate (They’re the other part of Congress)…Together they create the Legislative Branch. They make laws that govern our society. …The White House. Obama lives there. He executes or carries out the laws passed by the Legislative Branch. This makes up the Executive Branch. …The Supreme Court. These are the people who decide if a law is legal in the eyes of the Constitution. They make up the Judicial Branch. For example: If Congress and Obama pass a law that says we can only drive red cars, the Supreme Court will be the one who says, “Nope, you can’t do that.” …Who doesn’t love the History Channel? (Especially Pawn Stars and History of US)



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