Mascot Redesign Contest

Ralph C. Mahar Regional School

Mascot Redesign Contest

In 1972, a student contest was held to design a mascot for the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School.  After a number of renditions were submitted during the contest, the students voted to adopt the school’s current “Roman Senator” mascot designed by Jay Dean of the class of 1973.  Over the past several years, a significant amount of discussion has taken place regarding the school’s mascot and the type of mascot that would best represent the R.C. Mahar Regional school in the 21st century. This topic has been addressed by the School Council and Student Council Representatives and a decision was recently made to establish a process to redesign the school’s mascot.  After communicating with Jay Dean and gaining his support, we have decided to once again conduct a student contest to design a mascot that best represents the school in the 21st century.

The contest was open to all R.C. Mahar students in grades 7 through 12.    All submissions were entered into the first round of the contest and were judged by the Mascot Redesign Committee comprised of the Co-Principals, the Athletic Director, Mrs. Ganson, Student Council Officers, a School Council Representative, a current coach, and the original contest winner Mr. Jay Dean.  The top two submissions from the first round will then enter the second round of the contest and will be voted on by the students, faculty, and the community.  The winner of the contest will receive a $50.00 gift card as well as have their name associated with the mascot’s design.  

The Ralph C. Mahar Mascot Redesign Contest is now in its final phase.  The Mascot Redesign Committee met recently to review more than twenty drawings and selected the designs submitted by Javier Burgos and Levi Baruch for entry into the final round of the contest. It is now up to the students, faculty, staff, and the Mahar community to cast their vote for the new Ralph C. Mahar Regional School mascot.   Thank you to all the students who participated in this contest.

Please click the link below to cast your vote before July 31, 2016.