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2013-2014 Activity Calendar

2013-2014 Rotating Schedule

2013-2014 School Calendar

2013-2014 Winter Sports Schedule



Armed Forces Recruiter Form

Deet Permission Form

E-MAIL/SMS Text Enrollment Form

Reproductive Health Options Form

Student Publicity Form



Anti Hazing Law

Armed Forces Recruiter Form

Athletic Forms for all Sports

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Athletics Survey for Mahar Parents

This survey is intended for all parents who have students involved in athletics here at Mahar. Please use your computer to fill out the survey and use the “Submit Form” button located on the top right of this form, it will be automatically emailed to the Athletic Director of the Ralph C Mahar Regional School. Thanks for you help.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Incident Reporting Form

Concussion Policy Form


Deet Permission Form

E-Mail/SMS Text Enrollment Form

High School Handbook Acknowledgement Form

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices 2014

Internet Access Availability Form for Home Mailings
Internet Use Policy Form

Interval Health History Form
Medical Questionnaire

Middle School Evening Activities Form

Middle School Handbook Acknowlegement Form

New\Exit Employee Form

Non-Teaching Application

Nursing Staff Form

Parents for Mahar Students Group Application Form

Parents Guide to Concussions in Sports

Personal Electronic Property Waiver Procedure Form

Reproduction Health Options Form1

Reproduction Health Options Form2

School Choice Application

Statewide Applicant Fingerprint Identification Services (SAFIS) Program

Student Publicity Form

Teacher Qualification Memorandum

Teaching Application

Use of Facilities Application

Volunteer Form

Work Permit Application


2013-2014 Athletic Student Handbook

2013-2014 HS Student Handbook

2013-2014 MS Student Handbook


2010-2011 Professional Development Handbook


Acceptable Use Policy

Concussion Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Non-Teaching Substitute Policy and Athletic Events Pay Policy

Social Networking Policy

Volunteer Policy


Bullying Prevention / Intervention Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Reserving The Charlotte Ryan Theater and the Kermit Cook Auditorium

Safety Protocols


2014-2015 Program of Studies

2013-2014 Program of Studies
2012-2013 Program of Studies