Grade 10

Career Exploration – All sophomores take part in a Career Exploration Workshop each Fall using the Naviance website. During this workshop, students complete a survey call Strengths Explorer in which they learn more about their natural talents and abilities. Strengths Explorer connects students abilities to future career paths and students are then encouraged to explore suggested careers in detail. All students meet one-on-one with their Guidance counselor in the Spring to make sure that their course choices for the following school year are aligned with their potential career ideas and goals.

College Admission Test Workshop - In the fall of each year, all Sophomores, via Health classes, will learn about important Junior year testing opportunities. Topics covered include the SAT (and PSAT), ACT (and Aspire), Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), Advanced Placement (AP) testing, and SAT Subject tests. Students will learn about what each test is, what scores are used for, and why he/she may benefit from these opportunities.

Aspire Testing – In preparation for the ACT in Junior year, a mock version of ACT’s Aspire test (the practice ACT) will be offered to any interested Sophomore in the Fall. Aspire is a nationally recognized, standardized assessment, that tests student’s strengths and weaknesses in 4 subject areas (English, Math, Reading, and Science). Aspire yields students a predicted score range in regards to how they may perform on the ACT and is a great opportunity for students to practice for standardized, timed, college admission testing.

Post-Aspire Workshop – Students who take Aspire at Mahar will be invited to a follow-up workshop during school hours. During this workshop, students will score their work, discover what their predicted ACT scores mean, and learn how to apply this information toward future course and post-secondary decisions.

Training Active Bystanders (TAB) – Each year students in 7th and 10th grade receive active bystander training. The Training Active Bystanders curriculum is an evidence-based curriculum that has been taught at Mahar since 2006. The focus of the curriculum is to help students identify harm and bullying, how to prevent it, and how to intervene safely when they see harm happening. Grade 10 students are taught an advanced version of the TAB curriculum by an upperclassman and a community member who have been trained by Quabbin Mediation. TAB’s curriculum and message has become naturally imbedded within the school culture at Mahar.

PSAT Sign-Up – Students who are interested in taking the PSAT (practice SAT) in their junior year should sign up for the PSAT in the spring of their sophomore year. Guidance counselors will announce sign-ups for the PSAT in Health classes, typically around May or June. Keep an ear out for these announcements or ask your Guidance Counselor if you have any questions.