Grade 9

9th Grade Tours – Guidance Counselors recognize that the transition from middle school to 9th grade is a significant experience for students. To help students make this adjustment, Counselors organize tours for the 8th grade students to help familiarize them with the high school side of the building. Key Club members act as guides as they visit classrooms in each department, where faculty members talk to them for a brief period. Students are shown where the freshman lockers are located, so they will know where to go on that first day of school in August.

Peer Mediation – In collaboration with Quabbin Mediation, Mahar offers Peer Mediation programming to all students. 8th and 9th grade students have the opportunity to apply to be Peer Mediators and training seminars take place for students every other year. Peer Mediators are called upon during the school day to address issues among students and through their important roles, serve as peer leaders in the school.

Scheduling Night – During the spring of each year, Guidance Counselors host a “Scheduling Night”. This evening presentation is geared towards incoming 9th grade students however students and families from all grades are welcome to attend. The goal of this evening is to inform families about Mahar’s curriculum at the High School level and explain the ins and outs of graduation requirements, credits and promotion, and scheduling. Parents and guardian are strongly encouraged to attend this presentation, together with their children, and play an active role in learning how to apply Mahar’s scheduling opportunities to their unique student’s experience.

The 4-Year Plan – As the first semester comes to a close each year, 9th grade Guidance Counselors meet with all freshmen to discuss their “4-Year-Plans”. It is important for high school students to have a general idea of the courses they would like to take over the span of four years as well as the extracurricular activities they would like to get involved in. Guidance Counselors help freshmen to start making these decisions and align them on the right path toward gradation. Around this time, 9th grade students who wish to transfer to a technical high school can fill out applications available from their guidance counselor or on the tech school’s website to gain entry for the 10th grade.