Canoe and Kayak Club - Facebook

This club is open to students in grades 7 - 12. Our mission is to introduce students to the paddling sports; sports that they can enjoy their entire lives. Students will get to try out canoes, kayaks, SUP boards, and even rowing equipment.

International Club


The goal of the international club is to improve relations between the cultures of our diverse student population. It is also a forum to give a positive support system for our Exchange Students and help them assimilate into our school culture. This is done through presentations from our exchange students as well as having potluck dinners to share and sample ethnic foods. We have both afterschool get-togethers as well as some evening meetings.

Japanese Culture Club

Advisor: Ian Bashaw

Japanese Culture Club is a group of students highly interested in Japanese culture. Such aspects include: food, folklore, dress, history, language, entertainment, etc.. The group meets every other Wednesday to plan school events, watch anime, eat snacks, and spend them with their peers in a safe and accepting environment. If you ever wondered about culture in other countries, then come check out JCC today!

Key Club

Co-Advisors: Pam Smith and Pennie Smith

Key Club is an international service organization sponsored by Kiwanis clubs. KEY stands for Kiwanis Educates Youth. The Mahar Key Club is now sponsored by the Winchendon Kiwanis Club. By international standards the club must do at least 5 school service projects and at least 5 community service projects per month. The club must file monthly and annual reports with the New England District Key Club and indicate all the service projects completed, the number of members involved, the total man hours involved in the project, and the money spent and raised. The club is required to meet weekly. The club is graded on these reports. The Mahar Key Club is in the bronze division for clubs with members of 35 or less.

National Honors Society

Advisor: Karrie Hammond

The National Honor Society honors tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, leadership, service and character. To be considered for induction into the National Honor Society, all students must meet the 90.0% average requirement for the four previous consecutive quarters to be considered for induction. Students can retain membership by maintaining a 90.0% average for each of our four quarters of the current academic year. No particular levels of course work are required.

The Faculty Council selects a student for membership based on the above criteria. Once selected, students must maintain these minimum standards and continue to demonstrate the four qualities for which they have been honored.

Membership is not automatic and potential inductees will need to fill out an activities sheet which will be presented to the National Honor Society Faculty Council who will consider your qualifications.

National Junior Honors Society

The National Junior Honor Society recognizes eighth and ninth graders who have demonstrated exemplary scholarship, leadership, service, character and citizenship. The academic requirement in addition to the five standards listed above is an 85% average for each of the four quarters in grade 7 and grade 8 to determine eligibility for induction in either grade 8 or grade 9. Continued membership is based on maintaining the five standards and not falling below 85% for more than one quarter after induction. Probation status is for one quarter during which the student must achieve the above eligibility qualifications. Failure to achieve the eligibility qualifications during the probation quarter will result in dismissal. Membership is not automatic and potential inductees will need to fill out an activities sheet which will be presented to the National Honor Society Faculty Council who will consider your qualifications.

Newspaper Club - Facebook - Instagram

Co-Advisors: Ian Bashaw & Matt Parsons

The Red & Blue Review is Mahar Regional School's official student newspaper. Released on a monthly basis, the newspaper covers stories happening in school, in the community, as well as all over the world. The newspaper club is open to students in grades 7-12 with most meetings taking place via the use of e-mail. This club is perfect for students who like to write, debate, draw, cook, or anything else you can think of. If there is something that you are passionate about, and would like to write an article about, then the newspaper club is the club for you.


Advisor: Angela Cote

Mahar Robotics Team is open to grades 7-12. Mahar has joined schools all over the country in the annual VEX Robotics Competition in which each year students must build a robot from scratch to compete in a challenging field game. The Robotics season starts around January and ends around May. We meet at varying times each week to accommodate students participating in other extra-curricular activities. Construction of the robot involves not only hands on engineering but also teaching of knowledge of basic computer programming. If you have any interest in robots or just being a part of a great team, then Mahar’s Robotics Team is for you. More information can be found by visiting


Students Against Destructive Decisions' goal is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired and distracted driving, and other destructive decisions.


Support Our Students is a GSA/diversity club which accepts all students into the club. It is meant to be a safe space for students to be themselves. We meet once a week discussing current trends and issues which may be happening in the school and world. We participate in the Youth Pride March in Boston in the Spring.

Student Council - Instagram

Middle and High School Student Council is a group of 7th - 12th grade students who meet once or twice a month after school, once a month during the school day and attend numerous field trips throughout the year. Our school leaders help to plan and implement events such as October's Anti-Bully Awareness Day,Halloween Hall decorating, Thanksgiving Pep Rally, Sock and Mitten Drive and the Spring Senator Games. Our student's truly enjoy spreading school spirit, getting involved in making the school year fun, exciting and more memorable. For more information on student council email:

TAB (Training Active Bystanders) and Peer Mediation

Advisor: Cheri Hoyle

Peer mediation is a group of 8th-12th grade students who have received 15 hours of training to become certified as Peer Mediators (training occurs every 2 years at Mahar with the help of Quabbin Mediation). They meet once a month from 10:00 to 10:40 in the Charlotte Ryan Theater and make themselves available throughout the school year to serve as mediators to help pairs of students resolve their dispute when needed.

TAB trainers are High School students who have knowledge of the Training Active Bystanders (TAB) curriculum by completing eighteen hours of training. Student TAB trainers will then teach lessons in the 7th and 10th grade classrooms on how to be active bystanders and stop harm doing. Students are taught by these TAB trainers to use their moral courage to intervene safely when other students are being harmed. Some of the strategies taught are how and when to: speak up, recruit other, and seek help. For more information:


Advisor: Ashley Penna

Yearbook is for grades 9-12. We develop and produce the school yearbook, the Toga. This group is a full year activity which starts in the fall and goes into the spring. Join the fun and make sure the school yearbook is a representation of the entire school population!

JETS (Junior Engineering Team)

Advisor: Barb Schulze & Angela Cote

Students interested in engineering meet twice a month from September-December and then weekly in January and February to prepare for a written competition in February. Each year there is a different theme. This year’s theme is the Power of Engineering, which includes investigating wind power, hydropower, and solar power. At meetings, we do hands-on activities as well as practice problem solving. This year middle school students are welcome to join the fun, so this club is open to 7-12 grade students.

Fish and Game Club

The Fish and Game Club gives middle & high school students the opportunity to be involved with various outdoor activities ranging from fishing to hiking to shooting. In past years middle & high school club members have traveled to the Big M.O.E. (Mass Outdoor Exposition) to Northfield Mountain, to the Windsor Dam and McLaughlin Hatchery, to Barton Cove and to Mt. Sugarloaf for outdoor activities. They have also gone on the spring deep sea fishing trip, and members have participated in the trap shoot and ice fishing derbies held annually. Mr. Roche has given many hours to seeing that the middle & high school students have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities and to learn about the natural resources available in the North Quabbin area.

Travel Club

Advisor: Christine Perham

Every other year an over seas trip is planned for Juniors and Seniors during April break. The Travel club meets every other month or as needed to prepare for the trip. The academic focus of the trip changes and has so far featured Biology/Spanish in Costa Rica, History/Spanish in Spain, WWII history/French in France, and a trip is in the works for 2020 to Ireland, Wales and England that will feature English literature and poetry. Fund raisers are held twice a year, however students are largely responsible for covering the cost of their trip.