Work Permits


  1. After you have received a job offer, a work permit application will need to be filled out via the following options:

  • Print the application from the Mahar website.
  • Call the Superintendent’s office at 978-544-2920 and request the application be sent via mail or email.
  • Call the Superintendent’s office at 978-544-2920 and make an appointment to pick up an application.

  1. When the work permit application is completely filled out, you may return it to the Superintendent’s Office by mail, email or appointment.

  1. When we have received the application back we can then process your work permit. (We will need some further information from you when we are filling out your work permit and will need your contact information to reach you to obtain this data).

Please note:

  • The work permit will need to be signed by the student in order to be valid
  • Please be prepared to provide your ID or birth certificate (or a copy of either document)

Contact with any questions.