Who was Ralph C. Mahar?

The R.C. Mahar Regional School District serves the towns of New Salem, Orange, Petersham, and Wendell, grades 7-12.

In total, the District’s enrollment is approximately 750 students. The District’s central administration building is located in R.C. Mahar Regional at South Main Street in Orange.

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Vision Statement

The Ralph C. Mahar Regional School, in collaboration with families, envisions a
quality learning environment which values academic excellence that enables students to reach their full potential in a rapidly changing global society.

Mission Statement

The Ralph C. Mahar Regional School community will ensure teaching and learning take place in a safe, collaborative, and inclusive environment.  We commit to working with families and community members to support the personal, academic, and career growth of every student.  We believe that a challenging curriculum for all students and a culture that actively welcomes all learners will contribute to a more knowledgeable community and society.  We believe that all students must be prepared with 21st-century skills and
an understanding of the demands and challenges of an ever changing world.

Core Values

Student Achievement:
We believe all students learn best when actively engaged in the learning process.
We believe education is about student growth that includes core academics, the arts, cultural awareness, and   physical, social and emotional well-being.
We believe the purpose of education is to enable students to become self-reliant learners and productive, responsible citizens.

Personal Growth:
We believe in promoting personal responsibility in students so they may reach their
full potential.

School Climate:
We believe all decisions should be made in the best interest of students while
recognizing and welcoming their individual differences.
We believe in a safe environment built on communication and a shared decision making process that supports curiosity, creativity, respect, and positive attitudes.

Collaborative Partnerships:
We  believe  in  identifying  and  developing  diverse  opportunities  for  students  to
engage in active learning within their communities.
We believe the education of a child is the shared responsibility of town, educational, family, and student communities.

We believe in school personnel working with family and town communities to
provide  ongoing  information  regarding  student  achievement,  school-related activities, and annual budget and expenditures.
We believe in utilizing fiscally responsible strategies which support teaching and learning to meet the unique needs of students.