Guidance & Counseling

Success takes careful planning and preparation. At Ralph C. Mahar Regional School, we work with every student to develop post-graduation goals and map the path to make these goals a reality. Start right here on your road to success.

7th Grade
8th Grade
Middle School Homework Guidelines & Expectations
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade

Guidance Counselors and Staff

Kelly Parker
Administrative Assistant
P: (978) 544-2542 ext. 250
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Jason LeClair
Guidance Counselor, Grade 7 & Grade 9 (L–Z)
P: (978) 544-2542 ext. 255
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Cheri Hoyle
Guidance Counselor, Grade 8 & Grade 9 (A–K)
P: (978) 544-2542 ext. 253
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Amy Mahaney, M. ED
Guidance Counselor, Grade 10 & Grade 11 (A–K)
AP Coordinator/MCAS
P: (978) 544-2542 ext. 252
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Caitlin McKenna
Guidance Counselor, Grade 11 (L–Z) & Grade 12
Coordinator & McKinney Vento Liaison, ESSA Point of Contact
P: (978) 544-2542 ext. 256
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Susan Jillson, BSN, RN
P: (978) 544-2542 ext. 220
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