Evelyn Cunha

My role at Mahar is teaching science. I have taught at both the high school and middle school levels. This year I am teaching 8th grade general science. I also serve as the advisor of the High School Fish & Game Club here.

This is my 9th year here at Mahar. The Mahar community has always been friendly and supportive. It's a close knit community where everyone knows everyone, and people are caring and willing to help out. One of my favorite parts about Mahar is advising the Mahar Fish & Game Club, one of the few in the state and one of Mahar's oldest running clubs, that provides students with opportunities to foster their interests in hunting and fishing. I am grateful for all of the support the Fish & Game Club has received over the years from students, parents, alumni, staff, administration, and various individuals and organizations in our district towns to make our events successful for our club members.

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